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We turn single use hdpe type 2 plastics donated by the community and local businesses into new products.

We save plastics from potentially being incinerated or going to landfill.

We are creating a circular economy to retain the value of our communities resources for the benefit of the community.

We are providing creative, educational and inspiring experiences for the whole community.

We are self funded and don't access the limited funding available that's more desperately needed by other organisations.

Our products have character and authenticity, the things we make are far from generic and is made in small batches from entirely unique sheets.

We work hard to implement our values into everything we do and minimise the impact we make on the environment.

We are working to make waste a word of the past and return the value of resources to everyone in the community.

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Latest News

Making Headlines, making stuff, making a difference.


Burtons Big Green Week

8th of June til the 16th June, a week of sustainable creativity for the community to enjoy.


We are going to TIMBER!

We cannot wait to meet everyone there and see how amazingly creative you all are!
Come on an upcycling and recycling journey with us!


Making Trails are barrel rolling this way!

Making Trails have another art trail on its way, the barrels are being painted right now and you can watch it live.

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sben trophy award

The Staffordshire Business & Environment Network has awarded the trophy we made to Judith Smith at SustainabilitySmith.

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Eco Retailers Wanted

Are you an eco retailer selling lush zero waste alternatives and sustainable products? Yes? We want you to see what we have for you!

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Its obviously recycled

Our Store

Generic? Never!

Mass produced? No thank you!

Jewellery, art, clocks and more, you wont find anything else as unique as our locally collected, hand sorted, washed, shredded, mixed, melted, marbled, pressed, cooled, planed, cut, trimmed filled and fixed single use plastics

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The Plan

Reduce Plastic Waste with Burton ReRun


the plan to produce to reduce

We plan to provide a Zero Waste Shop subsidised by our other activities financially and by producing goods as a community within our workshop like natural ingredient soaps and cleaning products. Members get to craft as a group and take home their own bar or bottle leaving the ReRun with a supply on the shelf for everyone else.

Later we hope to grow our own fresh organic produce for our community too, we can produce recipe kits for a variety of seasonal meals and use pickling and preserving for gluts.

The goal is not just to be competitive with plastic packaged options, we also want to give people an affordable zero waste alternative, empowering people to live more sustainably, save money and also have the opportunity to learn new skills as part of a community too.


inspiration and capability

Whether it's the initial inspiration that is needed or free access to our workshop and tools, we want to offer a creative community environment where people can make fantastic new things and live more sustainably. If items cannot be repaired we can recover as much as possible to fix other items, or repurpose into something entirely new.

This will also bring people together to share skills and experiences, the purpose wont be to beat ourselves up about every last bit of waste we cant save, but to discover new friends and build the foundations of a stronger more united community that is smarter through its shared knowledge.

Reuse Materials and be Creative with Burton ReRun
Repair Workshops near Burton


not just fixing things

We will be offering Free Repair Workshops giving people the opportunity to save things from landfill, save money instead of buying new and teach people the skills to identify what can be fixed and how as well as identify and avoid things that are designed for a short life.


the mechanism

Community donations of single use resources are the mechanism that powers us. By diverting as much as possible into our workshop to be made into fantastic products, we can maximise the value of our resources and generate even more income to pay for our services, subsidise the Zero Waste Shop and expand our collection network, reach more people with our message and create an energising creative space that fuels the greener more sustainable future we all deserve.

Burton ReRun recycled plastic shredded HDPE
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