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Recycled Plastic

Accepted Materials



We will restart carton collections in the future, please subscribe to get the latest news and all the updates.

Please leave lids bagged, a limited number of reusable sacks are available for no charge at our Belvedere Road address.

107 Belvedere Road - Front garden on the gravel for contact free introvert friendly drop offs.

Clay Street - The house in the fork with Clay Street, left hand side, You’ll see a sign on my gate. Please come through the gate and leave any bags by my bins. If you need a sack, they are in the same place. Thank you!

53 Anglesey Road - place bagged donations next to the front door please

17 Chestnut Close, it’s the new estate at the top of Resevoir Road. Our drive is on the right of our house. Please pop any in the brown bin. Thank you.

The most up to date place to find drop off points is our Facebook Community Group

Recycle: Materials Accepted


The lids we like

HDPE is our preference, one piece with all the seals removed if any and all the colours of the rainbow are especially welcome.

We accept all plastic lids of any plastic type as long as they are one piece without any other rubber mouldings or seals attached.

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