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Moving up a level in 2022

Do you want to help Burton ReRun become a Community Interest Company and be an important part of Burtons greener more sustainable future?

Could you be a part of a community hub that passes on skills and provides support to individuals and charities across Burton?

Are you already involved in arts, community projects, local business, local government, light engineering, plastics production, brand marketing, online sales, product design or just have a strong interest and are keen to develop those skills?

Do you have a skill you know would be useful I didnt just list? Do you know somebody who does?

I am setting up a meeting towards the end of next month to discuss our long term goals and the plan to get there. If you are interested in coming along please let me know.

I need to get an understanding of how many people I need to accommodate to pick a suitable venue. If there's only 3 of us I won't be disheartened, I'll pick up some good biscuits and we'll make a plant pot or something while we talk in the workshop!

With that said, I do really hope lots of people are interested as I really believe we can achieve a community where everyone has a place to contribute and receive in kind.

It has already started, let's push it!

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