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Christmas Tree Necklaces

Christmas Tree Necklaces

Our Christmas jewellery all start off as single use plastics. We use the hard to sort and easy to landfill lids to create beautiful, unique marbled plates and cut out our designs with a machine before resin filling and finishing by hand. A lot of time and love goes in to every piece, from the donations of lids by our amazing community through to the considerate crafting, each step is filled with positivity, love and care. I can feel it radiating from every product we make, I hope you can too.

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    Close but...

    Fancy this wonderful creation in a different colour, different size, slight tweaks to the design or fully customising with engraving and resin filling?

    Great, We do that. 

    All designs can be cut from your choice of recycled plastic sheet, just how you want. Start the process today and get exactly what you want, custom made just for you.

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