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Free Play Set 32 piece in tub

Free Play Set 32 piece in tub

We certainly aren't the boss of you, so we wont tell you how to use these. All we can say is that free play is the practice of not being constrained by pre existing forms and ideas and an opportunity to let your imagination take over. These beautiful hand crafted blocks are all handfinished and completely unique, blended from one off combinations of recycled HDPE.


We dont recommend use by children under the age of 3 due to the choking hazard, however there is no upper limit when it comes to providing therapuetic distracion or even crafting opportinities, feel free to make your own more complex creations and be sure to tell everyone what it is made from!

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    Close but...

    Fancy this wonderful creation in a different colour, different size, slight tweaks to the design or fully customising with engraving and resin filling?

    Great, We do that. 

    All designs can be cut from your choice of recycled plastic sheet, just how you want. Start the process today and get exactly what you want, custom made just for you.

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