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Purple Power Planted Plastic Pot

Purple Power Planted Plastic Pot

Community donated recycled plastic, shredded, washed, blended by weight and heated before being pressed into flat sheets, after a few hours of cooling under constant pressure to minimise warping, sheets can be planed smoother and cut to shape. Only then can the pieces be plastic welded by hand into their final form. We don't sand finish, which is a shame because they would look stunning, however, sanding would create literally billions of microplastics and we aren't cool with that. Instead we finish all edges with a craft knife for a more character and a more honest appearance. This is not a mould produced, mass produced, identically produced and homogeneous. Every piece is unique with its own character.

The included succulent is planted in uk produced peat free soil and 2 drainage holes have been drilled for watering.

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