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We don't repair yet but...

We can't commit to a regular repair service yet, until then here are the best options.


Community Repair Workshop (Lichfield)

This fantastic community gather on the last Saturday of the month in Lichfield, join them for all sorts of repairing and craftiness, electricals, clothing etc. Link to their Facebook page where you can ask questions and see previous repairs.


Community Repair Workshop (Uttoxeter)

The Globe Foundation offer repair workshops on the last Friday of every month, they will be very happy to help with repairs.

Picking an Orange Book

The Community Chest

More of a cabinet than a chest, it contains some sacks for people dropping off lids or cartons to take away and use, it also has a box of useful items that might just help someone in a pickle and pull off a repair of their own.

In the box

-Assortment of wood screws

-Assortment of nails

-3A 5A 13A fuses

-A micro USB cable

-2x allen keys

We hope to add more, way way more, we would be interested in a local business jumping on board and sponsor the scheme but hope to offer tools and power tools for loan as part of a bigger Thing Library.

Get in touch if you would like to contribute something.

Repair: Services

Educate and Inspire with Burton ReRun

Contact us to discuss a tailor made course about the principles of sustainability and why reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling is an essential part of our greener future.

Lessons can vary in length and focus on different areas such as recycling process, environmental impact etc, to fit alongside your current curriculum.

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Repair: Welcome
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