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ReRun originals

Made in Burton upon Trent, England. Using locally donated plastics collected by a community of awesome people, artisan craftmanship and funky modern designs, we make trash into treasures that you wont want to dispose of.

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Eco Jewellery

Customer Favorite

Unique Jewellery pieces hand crafted from community collected HDPE, washed, shredded and pressed to form unique patterns filled with the positivity of a growing, caring community.


Plant Pots

Quick Seller!

Certain colour combinations sell very quickly, we recommend subscribing to be the first to know when new items are added to our store! Plant pots plastic welded together from flat sheets cut from our uniquely marbled, community collected, recycled HDPE.



One of a kind

Beautiful time pieces designed and built by hand in Burton from our communities recycled plastic and recovered wood. Every clock is unique and built to last.

Paint Tubes

Recycled Art


Something for the eye and the planet, striking pieces using reclaimed materials and our favourite medium recycled HDPE.


Eco Shout Designs

New Addition

Our new eco-friendly collection is designed for the eco-conscious who wants to make a statement to the world. Made from sustainable materials and printed with sustainability inspired designs, our clothing collections are a great way to show your support for the environment.


Commission Us

Make something unique.

Get in contact to discuss your requirements, we can make your vision a reality using our community collected HDPE.

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